10 Melhores bicicletas dobráveis

10 Best folding bikes (2014)
The popularity of folding bikes means there is now a huge range, whether you want one for commuting or rugged off-road riding.

1. Brompton H6L

Bromptons are pricy, but once  you’ve tried one, there’s no going back. The H-type handlebars on this one mean you can sit upright – perfect for those for whom elegance trumps speed. The mudguards and six gears mean  it’s suited to most terrains and  weather types.

2. Raleigh Stowaway 3

Highly affordable and ideal for commuting or taking on holiday, this has plenty of great features, including gears that are simple and effective to use and an easy-to-use folding mechanism, as well as a decent luggage rack.

3. Dahon Jifo

Jifo’s claim to fame is that it only takes a matter of seconds to fold and unfold – ideal for those moments when you reach the station and can see the train pulling in. This 16in-wheel folding bike is also lightweight and compact, although you won’t want to travel more than a couple of miles on it.

4. Carrera Transport

Despite its relatively low price tag, especially in the costly world of folding bikes, the Carrera Transport strikes a great balance between being sturdily built and lightweight enough for a  fast and easy ride. The eight-speed  gearing system makes it suitable for  all terrain.

5. Tern Link P9

A brisk ride to work on the Tern Link  P9 is light, fast and fun. The components are particularly durable and the quality is outstanding for the price, with  smooth gear-shifting and highly  responsive brakes.

6. Airnimal White Rhino

There’s no getting around it – if you want a folding bike for off-road, it will cost you. This one has 20in BMX wheels, a reinforced frame and serious suspension. You can fold it down within 45 seconds for daily use or within five minutes if you want it small enough for long-distance travel.

7. Dahon Vybe C7A

This Dahon folding bike delivers convenience and great riding comfort. Also impressive is the patented handle post that’s made from forged aluminium and which provides a super-strong connection to the frame and fork.

8. Montague Boston 8

Montague is the only folding bike manufacturer to make full-sized bikes. Although not as compact as most, nice touches of this stylish, lightweight bike include the quick-release mudguards and an upright urban riding position, which makes it both city- and suburb-friendly.

9. Beixo Compact Low

This seven-speed bike, which hails from the world’s flattest country, is aimed at the saddle-squeamish. Thanks to the extra low frame, there’s no need to haul yourself over a bike frame and there’s a custom-made travel bag thrown in at the moment.
Note: The beixo shaft drive. 
The beixo shaft drive system is an extremely durable system.
The technique used in the beixo shaft drive system is almost as old as the bicycle itself. Shaft driven bicycles were invented late 19th century. They were extremely popular because there was no danger for the wide clothes ending up in the chain. Due to the impossibility to use gears the system was supplanted by chain-driven bikes.

10. Tern Link C7

This is a fantastic pair of wheels for zipping down the high street. There’s everything you need despite the surprisingly low price, with a seven-speed Shimano gear set, a sturdy aluminium frame and a total weight of just 12.4kg.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/

Best folding Mountain Bike


The Bergmonch is a backpack that turns into bike in just seconds. 
The ideal solution for those who love to innovate. Altogether this backpack weighs 9.5 kg. 
Best of all is you do not need any tools to assemble the bike. Works through a system of pressure!


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